December 11, 2018

Sandbox activities

Here are several fun ideas to add natural new life to your sandbox activities for your little ones.

Archaeological digs

Tend to intrigue the little ones by hiding a variety of objects in the sandbox and encouraging them to dig it out using spoons or small toy shovels. This is an excellent activity as they will work hard in finding the objects till the very last one.

Insects everywhere

Particular types of insects like to hide under rocks or in the soil where they seek protection and food. Purchase a large number of plastic insects and add them to the sandbox. Why? It is because children will enjoy collecting them, hiding them under the soil or playing with them in a variety of ways.



You can recycle your yogurt containers to help build sand castles. Depending on the texture of sand, add a small amount of water to help quickly build tall sandcastles in the sandbox. See who makes the tallest sandcastles.

Volcanic eruption

You can use sand to create a volcano in the center of the box. Pour two cups of vinegar in center of the volcano and add one spoon of baking soda to create a volcanic effect. At the end of the activity, merely rake the sand to level it out.

Road circuit

You can help children build a course by pressing and digging on the sand to form roads. Providing small cars and trucks will enable them to play with them more on their made up circuits.

In the desert

If you possess a reptile bin, you can empty it in your sandbox as children like to replicate dry and arid environments for reptiles.

African savannah

Wild animals are a favorite among children. You may have noticed most daycares consist of bins are filled with lions, elephants and giraffe and other animals that live in dry climates where sand is present.

Pirate treasure hunt

Organize a special pirate treasure hunt in your backyard sandbox because children love to dig to find buried treasures.

Sandy picnic

Tend to set a small picnic table in your sandbox by adding small plastic items and food items. Children love to play sand filled meals.

Free play

You will have a wide variety of accessories designed for sandboxes such as shovels, buckets, molds, sieves, etc. It is recommended to offer one or two types of accessories at a time to enable children to rediscover themselves, explore and find different uses for them.

Don’t forget mud

Summer is an excellent season to let children explore mud. You can wet the sandbox and let children play in the mud.

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